2 Stereo Serial Input Ports (I2S)
SPDIF Receiver
Supports 6kHz to 48kHz Input Sample Rates
On-Chip Sample Rate Converter
Supports for Sleep Mode
I2C Control Bus
24 Pin QFN 24LD Package (4x4mm2), Pb-Free
8 times over-sampling filter
Full-parametric 4 band equalizer 
Volume Control (+48dB ~ -88.5dB, 1.50dB/step) 
Automatic Gain Limiting function (AGL)
Soft Volume adjustment and soft-mute functions
On-chip stereophonic full-digital amplifier for speakers
On-chip stereophonic headphone driver
800mW+800mW Stereo BTL Speaker Driver
Parallel Mono Speaker Drive Mode
56mW+56mW Stereo Headphone Amplifier
High-efficiency (over 85%)
Speaker protection circuit 
Internal PLL 

Multimedia mobile phones
Portable PCs, PDA’s and Smartphones
PMPs, Portable CD/MP3/DVD Players
Mobile Internet Appliances
DMB/DAB receivers
Digital camera and camcorders

Preamplifier Section
6kHz ~ 48kHz input SRC
Input Mux
Full parameter 4 Band EQ
Volume control
Input Section
2 pairs of I2S interface
24 pin QFN (4x4x0.5mm)
Digital Audio Power Amplifier Section
Stereophonic Speaker Amplifier
Stereophonic Headphone Amplifier
Up to 800mW for speaker/1.4W in Mono / 4 speaker x 500mW
Up to 50mW for headphone
High Efficiency (over 80%)
Output Short-circuit Protection
Embedded DDC(102 dB SNR)
GSM phone compatible