24-bit 192kHz Digital Audio Processor with 8-channel PWM Output

The PS9830B is a highly integrated system-on-chip solution for multi-channel AV systems
such as 5.1 channels, 6.1 channels or 7.1 channels.

The PS9830B is 8 channels and 3 additional channels PCM to PWM modulator with full 8 channel sample rate converter and pre-amplifier functions.

It features 24-bit audio digital-to-digital converters and over-sampling digital filters,
a sample rate converter,an audio DSP that functions as an on-chip pre-amplifier with equalizer, volume control, bass management and automatic gain limiting functions.

The sample rate converter is allowing for input of up to 96kHz, 8 channel and 192kHz, 2 channel. It automatically detects the sampling frequency and converts input sample rate to internal 192kHz sample rate. It makes easy for user to handle this chip.

The PS9830B accepts industry-standard audio data formats with 16- to 24-bit audio data.
Sampling rates of up to 192 kHz are supported.